IPCR Engages Stakeholders To Achieve Successful 2021 Peace Day

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has taken preparation for the 2021 United Nation (UN) Peace Day a notch higher.

The Institute, which has engaged stakeholders in the Ministries, Departments Agencies and other bodies both national and international, explained that it decided to engage stakeholders to make impact in the pursue of peace in the country.

Charging stakeholders to draw up programmes on what could be done to achieve a successful peace day, the Chairperson of the Committee and the Head of Gender Peace and Security in the Institute, Ms. Grace Awodu, lamented that the kind of conflict in the country is what necessitating the activation of the UN calls for cease fire.

She explained that Facebook and other social media are been used to reach out to people to see how conflict could be stopped in the country.

She further said that in carrying out this year peace day, government directive on COVID 19 protocol will be fully obeyed.

Reinstating that peace is possible in the country, Awodu emphasized that there should be ceased fire on September 21, the day of the peace day.

She said: “We want the world to know that this country is not all about conflict, but also there is peace.”

She charged other stakeholders, including the security agencies to ensure something is done no matter how small to commemorate the peace day.

Also speaking, Mr. Andy Nkemneme, noted the exorbitant nature of areas they penned down to be used for the programme.

Mr. Andy, who gave a catching theme for 2021 peace day “Let’s Take Responsibility,” urged other stakeholders to see what they can do to ensure there is a venue for the programme, noting that youths are asset that can be used for peace day.

Other stakeholders, who spoke at the peace day committee meeting, suggested verious ways of making the programme a success. They also disclose how they have reached out to their bosses in the ministry to assist in making the programme a success.

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture received an ovation when she disclosed that her Ministry has agreed to support the programme.

The representative of the military on his part, disclosed how they have been engaging and empowering youths in the North-East and North-West through skills acquisition among others.

On the part of the media, they explained the idea of using hashtags such as #peaceday, #ceasefire, among others to promote the programme.