Violent Extremism Threat To International Peace, Regional Security – IPCR

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has decried the level of violent extremism in the country.

IPCR noted that the rising threats of violent extremism are fundamentally a threat to international peace and regional security.

In his opening remarks at the public presentation and dissemination of a book on preventing and countering violent extremism in Nigeria, the Director General of IPCR, Dr. Bakut T. Bakut said that because of this development, the book project was conceived and implemented in the 2021 budget.

Dr. Bakut further noted that violent extremism is evident in how communities are attacked and destroyed.

He said: “This is evident in how communities are attacked and destroyed by these violent extremists to stop our efforts to promote peace, security and development as a nation. It is, therefore, on this premise that the book project was conceived and implemented in the 2021 budget.”

Dr. Bakut added that the “event is our commitment and resolves to deal with the rising activities of violent extremists that have inflicted harm on innocent men, women and children as well as institutions of government in our country.

“The book provides a holistic institutional and expert approach to preventing and countering violent extremism in Nigeria and is in accordance with the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari when he signed into law the Policy Framework and National Action Plan on 24th August, 2017 Partnering for Safer and Resilience Communities with the believes that peace and security is the business of everyone.

“The contributors to the book are drawn from different institutions and experts working around areas of violent extremism to improve cooperation and information sharing to find practical solutions and build resilient communities against extremism.

“This approach is a departure from the military kinetic approach of countering violent extremism, which means we must work together to step up our capacities to complement the military with concerted efforts to identify and address the root causes, issues, actors and trends in Nigeria.

“It is good to state that no one is born a terrorist, but the push and pull factors are the drivers that lead youths to join violent extremism. Therefore, our goal is to address these factors that enticed the youths into violent extremism and partners young men and women as agents for peace.

“Ending violent extremism in Nigeria requires a clear-headed assessment of its causes and a way forward through a holistic institutional approach, as suggested in the various chapters of the book. The authors have simplified the approaches for self-understanding and reference material for preventing and countering violent extremism.”