IPCR Urges Stakeholders to Domesticate Resolution 2250 of United Nation Security Council

Participants during the event

The Director General Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution Prof. Bakut T. Bakut has called on Stakeholders in peace and conflict prevention to domesticate Resolution 2250 of the United Nation Security Council that recognized young people in the maintenance and promotion of internal peace and Security across the world.  

Prof. Bakut made the call  in Abuja while declaring open conference on the United Nation Security Council Resolution 2250 and Youths, Peace and Security Agenda.

Prof Bakut said that Resolution 2250 was adopted by the United Nation Security Council on 9th December, 2015 but yet to be adopted.

He said “when the United Nation come up with UNSCR 135 on women the entire world keyed in by reposition the world folk and domesticating the resolution at all level of governance, probably because of the importance men attach to women”.

However, he said four years down the line, when the United Nation Security Council Unanimously adopted the young Resolution 2250 on youths, peace and Security in recognition of young people play vital in promoting peace and internal security nothing significant was done.

He therefore urged all the member nations to domesticate the Resolution in their various country.

He said “the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution being the government agency tasked with mandate of researching, promoting, managing and resolving conflict in Nigeria and Africa consider this as a task that must be done hence this collaboration with Centre for Sustainable Development and Education in Africa”

in his remarks  the Chief Researcher Fellow, Andrew Nkemneme, in his statement, said that the Institute is deliberating on the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250 for youth, peace and security strategy and how it can influence policy and practice in the country.

The UNDP representative, also noted that very few young people and women are represented in the executive, asking how "do we get more women and youth in the position of authority. We should begin to engage young men and women in the position of authority" he said.

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